Mcd001vp2so3.7z ( This archive contains a memory card file with base saves for SO3 and VP2 on it. Salvaged from my backups.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Double-check sound settings if you load any of these. I think I re-saved with stereo, but sometimes I load it as mono, others stereo, it’s weird. My old TV was mono and drowned out some sound on stereo, so I used to play in mono and thus some of these are saved in mono.

~Star Ocean 3~

  • 95% Battle Trophy Data (4D, 1-4 costumes, FAM unlocked)

    • You want to load this to start a new game on 4D.
  • Slot 5 has a fully unlocked and maxed out Galaxy mode game (my trophy farming file). Saved right before Freya in Urssa. Unfortunately it’s souffle/roger instead of souffle/nel because roger is required for lots of trophies. Looking at it now I have no idea what I was doing with Sophia’s staff, so don’t ask why it has those IC on it. This file should have VS mode but I didn’t actually check.

~Valkyrie Profile 2~

  • Slot 1 has 1CR file at the first save point in the Inn at Solde.

    • Due to the nature of VP2’s new game plus, you must be passed the opening cutscenes to first save a NG+ file. Therefore, if you want to play the first 2 minutes of the game, you must create a new game at 0CR. Then, before leaving Solde for the first time, go to the Inn and load this file. Think of going into the inn as a “change difficulty to 1CR, bro!” step. Load file, bam.
  • Slot 2 has a 50CR file. It is saved on the world map between Solde and Lost Forest. This one is obviously not from my backups, but hacked it in for fun.

  • Slot 4 has a 0CR testing file. Yes, I realize that 1CR would have been better for a testing file, but hindsight is 20/20. There should be at least 1 copy of every piece of gear in the game, and most items. That’s excluding Einherjar releases, because this is a story-character only run with no einherjar picked up (so that you can grab whatever one you want). Oh yeah, no seal stones either. Saved in SG.