Sorc army



Skill configuration

1: High Voidspell / High Lassitude / High Miasma
2: High Maelstrom
3: High Seism
4: High Bolide
5: High Glicel
6: High Fulmination

Augment configuration

1: Articulacy (R9 sorc)
2: Acuity (R9 sorc)
3: Attunement (R9 mage)
4: Bloodlust (R4 sin)
5: Emphasis (R2 sorc)
6: BEFORE Carrion Greaves with Wind bonus: Stability (R9 ranger)
6: AFTER Carrion Greaves with Wind bonus: Grit (R5 strider)


Regularly feed your pawn the following elixirs, in this order:

Mitigator >> Challenger >> Utilitarian >> Utilitarian

Stat Build

All that matters is getting 300 base def/mdef. ATK doesn’t matter, MATK should be as high as possible.

Usually this just means 41 levels on Fighter, done either pre-100 or post-100. See here:

If you went a little higher level on mage, it means you have to deduct those points from sorc. Either way, 41 on fighter will be needed for the 300def.


You’ll want at least 3x Wyrmking’s Rings to dole out to the pawns.